"No world event is worth the shedding of one childs tear."

Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky

  • Blood Cancer - Leukemia! Alina wants to live - we can help! The great appeal for donations!

    Alina vor der Erkrankung




    Alina is still a small child, but she has to fight for her life every day. She can not even see her evil enemy because he is hiding in her blood. Alina is suffering from acute lymphocytic leukemia of the high-risk group.


    Watch the video here!

    Jun. 07 2017weiterlesen

  • Leukemia!!! Help save the life of a little angel!

    Kira vor Erkrankung. 




    Kira from Ukraine is only 3 years old, but she has to fight for her life. Her enemy is a highly dangerous acute lymphoblast leukemia from the high-risk group.










    Jun. 06 2017weiterlesen

  • Almost there! The last important step for Simon.




    The 4-year-old Simon from Graz, Austria, suffers from a perception disorder. Simon shows abnormalities and development delays especially in the emotional realm.

    He often has problems in the kindergarten.





    Jun. 06 2017weiterlesen

  • 4-year-old Anja needs your support!




    Little Anja was born on 25 November 2013, two months earlier than scheduled. She weighed only 1500 grams.


    For one month, little Anja was at the premature infancy, where the doctors diagnosed cerebral damage and damage to the CNS (central nervous system).







    Jun. 06 2017weiterlesen

  • Vulnerable and helpless: Help a butterfly child!

    IMG 20160727 131119





    The one-year-old Mischa Ponepolyak suffers from a rare disease called bullous epidermolysis.












    Jun. 06 2017weiterlesen

  • Eva urgently needs an ear surgery

    Eva is a beautiful 7-year-old girl. She has been born healthy and without complications. It immediately became clear, however, that her right ear was not developed.


    For a long time, there was no problem with this. Of course, the lack of an ear - especially for a girl - is a mental strain, but her physical health has not been affected by that.#


    For some time, Eva has noticed that she hears worse and has complained about headaches.







    Jun. 06 2017weiterlesen

  • Little Uliana needs your support!


    Uliana was born completely healthy on 20 March 2015. Everything went well and everyone was looking forward to it. Suddenly after 21 days, Uliana got high fever.


    The parents immediately called a doctor, but he prescribed nothing but a pair of tablets, and Uliana's condition was getting worse and worse, so the parents called an ambulance and together with Uliana were then taken to the central district hospital in Kirovsk. 


    In the pediatric department, the doctors tried everything and then passed Uliana to the adult intensive care unit. Uliana had breathing problems and tonic attacks, so the parents insisted on Uliana being transported to the city hospital for children in St. Petersburg. 



    Jun. 06 2017weiterlesen

  • Help Veronika learn to speak.




    Veronika Evdokimova is 7 years old but unfortunately she still cannot speak. At birth a virus was detected in Veronika.



    This virus has strongly attacked the nervous system and has caused great problems with gross and fine motor skills, with the delay of psychomotor development and severe speech retardation.



    May. 04 2017weiterlesen

  • Fight with an unknown enemy! Help Evgenij!




    Evgenij has been a special child since his birth.


    He fights against an unknown disease causing development, motion and speech disorders...


    Numerous studies in the best clinics in Europe did not produce any results - the diagnosis is still unknown to date.



    Apr. 28 2017weiterlesen

  • Evgeni Frantzev needs your help!


    Evgeni needs your help!





    Evgenij is 16 years old. He was born in the 28th week of pregnancy with cerebral palsy and spastic tetraparesis.  The medical prognosis - he will never be able to walk on his own. Trainings, medication and rehabilitation did not bring any significant results.








    Apr. 27 2017weiterlesen

  • Brain Tumor! Help to save 3-year-old Guram!


    3-year-old Guram Dzhanashija from Russia is suffering from malignant brain tumor - plexus carcinoma. 


    The disease was found by chance as there have not been any symptoms before. In October 2015, Guram (3 years old) dropped from the chair and struck his head. He had been vomiting for an hour so the parents called the ambulance to rule out any kind of concussion. 


    A spiral CT was carried out and the brain tumor was detected. It was like a bolt from the blue!!! Guram was taken to the regional hospital of the city of Stavropol.









    Apr. 27 2017weiterlesen

  • Nastya Tcigikalo, the child that had no childhood



    Nastya Tcigikalo weighed only 850 grams when she was born.


    Her twin brother did not survive the birth unfortunately.


    Nastya has fought hard for her life.


    The struggle for life she has won but the doctors confronted her with a terrible diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy.


    Apr. 27 2017weiterlesen

  • Help Yana win the battle for her life!



    Yana Yakovleva is only 4 years old, but she has already had 15 surgeries. 

    Yana was born in July 2012 and was diagnosed with a severe congenital illness after 5 days: short bowel syndrome.

    The parents were shocked. The diagnosis meant a complicated, expensive and very long treatment.

    And above all, the disease is life-threatening and very painful. The Russian doctors removed 80% of Yana's intestine. After the surgery, Yana was very weak. For 6 months, doctors have tried different therapies, but nothing has helped.









    Apr. 27 2017weiterlesen

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