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Leukemia!!! Help save the life of a little angel!

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Kira from Ukraine is only 3 years old, but she has to fight for her life. Her enemy is a highly dangerous acute lymphoblast leukemia from the high-risk group.

She is the only, long-expected child in the young family. Kira is a cheerful girl, always smiling. She is the center, hope and sense of life of her parents. 

In September 2016, Kira complained of an earache, the preliminary diagnosis was otitis. However, after further examinations, the diagnosis was much worse: the terrible diagnosis of leukemia was like a judgment to her parents. The condition worsened daily and the initial chemotherapy did not bring any significant improvements. The doctors could not find a clear treatment concept. After a few weeks, Kira could no longer walk and lay only in bed with terrible pains. 

A very dangerous high-dose chemotherapy lay ahead. Kira's parents were very worried about her child's life. With her own eyes Kira's mother saw how other children died because of this highly dosed chemotherapy in this clinic. The family was bound to find another way - a clinic abroad. 

Prof. Schweigerer, Head of the Children's Clinic Helios in Berlin-Buchherr, is one of the best specialists all over Europe in the field leukemia treatment. He agreed to treat Kira. The treatment costs amounted to 80,000.00 €, which was a big sum for the family.

Thanks to the support of the association "Ein Herz für Kinder e.V." , which paid € 8,500.00, and the goodwill of the clinic and Prof. Schweigerer, Kira has already been admitted to the clinic in January. 71.500,00 € are still needed, which is urgently required now for the continuation of the treatment. 

The family is solely dependent on the donation funds. 


Help Kira and save this beautiful girl!  

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