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Almost there! The last important step for Simon.

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The 4-year-old Simon from Graz, Austria, suffers from a perception disorder. Simon shows abnormalities and development delays especially in the emotional realm.

He often has problems in the kindergarten.


He often reacts inadequately and aggressively to other children and then has problems to see this and to adapt his behavior to a normal group situation. Difficult situations in the kindergarten often arise from breaks in everyday life and require individual support. His twin brother had similar problems. His older brother too. All three have received a special "Oto-Therapy" in a clinic in Hamburg. The therapy consists of several units and requires several visits to Hamburg lasting for a few days. The family has been financially exhausted by the high costs for treatment, travel and accommodation for all three children. Thanks to the support of many people and organizations, the family has been able to finance the treatment of all three brothers to date, but the family needs further € 5,000.00 to complete Simon's treatment in summer 2017. 


Help Simon get well and overcome the difficult times of the family.

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