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4-year-old Anja needs your support!

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Little Anja was born on 25 November 2013, two months earlier than scheduled. She weighed only 1500 grams.


For one month, little Anja was at the premature infancy, where the doctors diagnosed cerebral damage and damage to the CNS (central nervous system).

When the mother of Anja learned about it, she knew immediately that her daughter was "special". 

Now Anja is 4 years old, but other than her peers, she can neither crawl nor sit, not to mention standing or running: This is due to her cerebral palsy. She speaks better and better and knows all the letters by now though. Anja likes to play puzzles, listens to stories and watches movies. For her mother, she is the most beloved person in the world. She is firmly convinced that they will cope with the disease. 

Together with her mother, Anja regularly attends physiotherapy, massages and swimming pool sessions. This has helped strengthen Anja's back and improved her fine motor skills. Anja tries to play while sitting. These are already great advances, results of the daily training.


The best results were achieved in the rehabilitation center "Rodnik". Outstanding specialists were doing exercises and various training sessions with Anja so she can sit on their own and make her first steps one day. 


Physiotherapy should be done regularly. Unfortunately, Anja's mother cannot finance it because she looks after Anja 24/7 and thus cannot go to work. There is no support from Anja's father either. 

Anja has good chances to get healthy, but needs financial support. The costs for the treatment amount to around € 5,500.00.


Please help Anja get well.

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