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Eva urgently needs an ear surgery

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Eva is a beautiful 7-year-old girl. She has been born healthy and without complications. It immediately became clear, however, that her right ear was not developed.

For a long time, there was no problem with this. Of course, the lack of an ear - especially for a girl - is a mental strain, but her physical health has not been affected by that.


For some time, Eva has noticed that she hears worse and has complained about headaches.

A special examination has shown that Eva's ear is growing slowly, and it is necessary to perform a surgery soon, in which the auditory canal is cleared and the ear reconstructed.

Unfortunately, such an operation is very expensive. The family has to pay around 30,000 euros. For Eva's parents this sum is simply too high. Time plays against Eva.

If the operation does not take place in time, Eva could possibly become deaf. This must not happen.


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