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Little Uliana needs your support!

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Uliana was born completely healthy on 20 March 2015. Everything went well and everyone was looking forward to it. Suddenly after 21 days, Uliana got high fever.


The parents immediately called a doctor, but he prescribed nothing but a pair of tablets, and Uliana's condition was getting worse and worse, so the parents called an ambulance and together with Uliana were then taken to the central district hospital in Kirovsk. 


In the pediatric department, the doctors tried everything and then passed Uliana to the adult intensive care unit. Uliana had breathing problems and tonic attacks, so the parents insisted on Uliana being transported to the city hospital for children in St. Petersburg. 


Little Uliana spent a whole month in the intensive care unit. The doctors could not really help and gave her only a 5% survival chance, most of the time Uliana was dependent on a respirator. The intracranial pressure increased. A neurosurgeon performed a ventricular puncture. After further interventions and surgeries, Uliana is likely to return home. She and her parents spent five months in the hospital. 


A terrible diagnosis has been noted down by the doctors in her record: the consequences of the transmission of meningococcal infection, purulent inflammation of the brain. Multicystic encephalopathy. Shunt-dependent hydrocephalus. Spastic tetraparesis in the upper extremities. Symptomatic Epilepsy Remission. Psychomotor retardation and perinatal loss.

The parents attend different rehabilitation courses with Uliana but there is not enough money for all the necessary procedures. 

The mother learned about a rehabilitation clinic in China and sent an inquiry there. Good news came back from the clinic: Uliana can be helped!

The methodology of the Chinese doctors specifically aims at restoring the physical and mental abilities. The faster the treatment begins the greater the chances of a recovery.

Costs amount to € 10,000!


For Uliana's parents this sum is unaffordable...


Your support can do a lot! Donate now!

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