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Fight with an unknown enemy! Help Evgenij!

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Evgenij has been a special child since his birth.


He fights against an unknown disease causing development, motion and speech disorders...


Numerous studies in the best clinics in Europe did not produce any results - the diagnosis is still unknown to date.


But Evgenij is a strong boy, he fights and has been able to achieve good results thanks to many rehabilitation measures: he can run, he can produce some sounds, but it is a tough job for him and his mother every day. His father has left the family and the mother raises him and his brother alone. A lot of money has already been spent, the mother is exhausted, the purse is empty.


A rehabilitation in China is approaching, which Evgeniy desperately needs. The rehabilitation costs around 7,000 € - money the family is missing though. Evgenij is now 7 years old, time is running, help has to come urgently, otherwise all efforts of the past years have been in vain.


Help Evgenij with your donation to defeat the disease!

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