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Evgeni Frantzev needs your help!

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Evgenij is 16 years old. He was born in the 28th week of pregnancy with cerebral palsy and spastic tetraparesis.  The medical prognosis - he will never be able to walk on his own. Trainings, medication and rehabilitation did not bring any significant results.

Only at the age of 2.5 years, Evgenij could take small steps on crutches. Later he was operated to reduce the spasticity. At the age of seven he was able to move much better with support. Evgeny began to read and write very early, and began to play piano despite the contraction of his hands. 

Evgenij trained every day and he was in different rehabilitation clinics. His family tried everything. 

Despite his health problems, Evgenij was always very friendly, loving, intelligent, strong, courageous and very cheerful! He performs very well at school and is interested in sports, history, music. Evgeni spreads an astonishing optimism and tries to support his parents and tries to convince them that he can do a lot things himself.

But unfortunately, and despite the almost heroic efforts, the disease began to advance as time went by. Hip dysplasia has reached a level where disapproval of another surgery will lead to complete immobility! We had no choice...


Dr. Peter Bernius from Schön Klinik München Harlaching gave hope to the family and proposed two surgeries. The first surgery and subsequent rehabilitation were carried out in February 2016. 

The second surgery and rehabilitation were carried out in January 2017.  

Since then Evgenij has been feeling much better.He has much less pain and the daily exercises and workouts are much more fun for him now. He is very happy, because at last he feels the strength in his body. Evgenij is now absolutely sure that if he trains diligently and does everything that the doctors tell him, he will be healthy one day.

A large part of the treatment costs has come together through donations. However, we still have to pay around € 10,500 for the treatment. He also needs some special training equipment for around € 3,000. According to the doctors, Evgenij still has to fight and train on a daily basis for at least 3 years and some rehabs still have to be done.


Support Evgenij with a donation, he needs your help very much!

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