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Nastya Tcigikalo, the child that had no childhood

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Nastya Tcigikalo weighed only 850 grams when she was born.


Her twin brother did not survive the birth unfortunately.


Nastya has fought hard for her life.


The struggle for life she has won but the doctors confronted her with a terrible diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy.


The medical judgment fell immediately: she will be severely handicapped and caught in the wheelchair for her whole life.

When the family learned of the diagnosis, their lives turned upside down. Countless rehabilitation, treatment courses, medications, new therapies. 

This costs a lot of strength, patience and money.

Luckily, there have always been good people helping Nastya. 

Thanks to the help of many good people, Nastya was able to do 5 rehabilitation courses in China. 

Since then, Nastya has become much more active: she is learning Chinese, sings in a choir, performs at festivals, and learns as normal children do. And most importantly, she was able to take a few steps on her own for the first time in her life.

Thanks to the donations, she was operated in Munich in December 2015. The doctors cut her thigh bones, turned them in the right direction and inserted the implants.

In January 2017, Nastya underwent surgery again. The implants were removed and Nastya spent 2 weeks in a rehab institution. 

In June, another rehabilitation shall help to secure and improve the results of the surgery.

The total treatment costs that still need to be covered amount to 28.000,00 -€


For the single-parenting mother, who constantly needs to look after her child, such an amount is way too high. 


Please help Nastya fulfill her dream - running without help!

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