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Help Yana win the battle for her life!

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Help Yana win the battle for her life!

Yana Yakovleva is only 4 years old, but she has already had 15 surgeries. 

Yana was born in July 2012 and was diagnosed with a severe congenital illness after 5 days: short bowel syndrome.

The parents were shocked. The diagnosis meant a complicated, expensive and very long treatment.

And above all, the disease is life-threatening and very painful. The Russian doctors removed 80% of Yana's intestine. After the surgery, Yana was very weak. For 6 months, doctors have tried different therapies, but nothing has helped.

At the age of 6 months Yana weighed only 2.6 kg. 

The parents did not give up and sought help abroad. The doctors from the Mannheim University Hospital have agreed to help Yana. The whole family has gone to Mannheim with their last hope of saving Yana. 

Several surgeries and therapies had to be carried out by the doctors in Mannheim and Heidelberg to save Yana.

Besides the short bowel syndrome, there was another problem: Yana's veins were severely damaged caused by numerous catheter inserts in Russia, leading to stenosis. This has made the already very complicated treatment even more difficult. 

The entire treatment costs almost 200,000€. The family has sold everything to finance the treatment. Parts of it came from donations. Now Yana is much better, so she could travel back home already.

But treatment has not yet come to an end. 

Yana has yet to return to the examinations and therapies to finally defeat the disease.


Her parents could not pay everything, all the money is gone now, everything worth selling was sold, and they still have to pay for years for the funds they lent to finance the treatment.

To finance the treatment and upcoming therapies and examinations, the family still needs 40,000 €. 

Her mum and dad hope that they can collect this money via donations as they are not able to pay for that on their own. 


We ask all people to help Yana win the fight for her life and health, which has already taken 4 years! 


Any small donation helps. For any help, the Yakovlev family is very grateful! 

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