"No world event is worth the shedding of one childs tear."

Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky

Our goals

Whom We help

The severely ill children from abroad that cannot be treated in their home country

The severely ill children from abroad, whose families cannot afford the treatment of their child due to financial reasons.

The families of severely ill children regarding accommodation, transportation, interpreting services and other measures that are directly related to the treatment and support of the child.

We explicitly point out that we do not support projects, organizations or other third-party events and only provide individual help.


Our goal

The disease always comes unexpectedly. If the child gets sick, most parents do not know who can help, what they should do if they do not get medical and financial support in their home country and where they can find suitable medical facilities. Often, the information on the Internet, newspapers and television are misleading, deceptive or very hard to find.

Our task is to show families how and where they can seek treatment for their child, how and where they can find financial assistance, and to support the families throughout the entire treatment period.

We cannot treat the children ourselves as we are not doctors, but by means of our donors, we can give the chance to the children to get the necessary medical assistance to get healthy and happy again.


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